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Nepse quote: NABIL

Address Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu
Phone 4430425-4429546
CEO Anil Shah
Established Date 1984
Listing Date 1986

Share holding pattern in %


General Public 30.0
Number of general share holders around 5000

News of Company
Date Head Line
30.7.08 Nabil Bank 4qF08 financial result
29.01.08 Nabil Bank 2qF08 financial result
9.10.07 Nabil Bank 23rd AGM successfully held in 8.10.07
16.9.07 Nabil Bank twenty third AGM going to be held in 8.10.07 over BICC Hall- New Baneshowr
25.4.07 Nabil Bank 3qF07 financial result
29.1.07 Nabil Bank 2qF07 financial report
8.11.06 Nabil Bank twenty second AGM successfully held in 7.11.06 as noticed
26.10.06 Nabil Bank twenty second AGM to be held in 7.11.06
31.7.06 Nabil Bank 4qF06 financial report
26.1.06 Nabil Bank 2qF06 financial report
25.12.05 Nabil Bank twenty fisrt AGM successfully held in 25.12.05 as noticed
1.12.05 Nabil Bank twenty first 21rst AGM to be held in 25.12.05
15.11.05 Nabil Bank 1qF06 financial report
11.8.05 Nabil Bank 4qF05 financial report
14.5.05 Nabil Bank 3qF05 financial report
12.2.05 Nabil Bank 2qF05 financial report
9.1.05 Nabil Bank 20th AGM successfully held in 9.1.05 as noticed
3.12.04 Nabil Bank first quarter F05 [1q05] figure...
10.8.04 Nabil Bank 4q04 financial figure.....
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