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Shopping in Nepal

Is there anything to shop in Nepal?

Kathmandu is indeed known as the shopper's paradise for real work of art which are best for gift or souvenirs. Some of the popular things that foreigners usually shop in Nepal are embroidered clothes, Tibetan carpets, pottery, masks and puppets, metal work, jewelries, wood carving, statues, Khukuri (Traditional Nepalese Knife), Thanka Paintings and hand made paper and productions. Other than souvenir goods, imported goods, from cosmetics to electrical articles are also available in Kathmandu. The imported stuffs are of pretty nice quality and they are all in very reasonable prices.

Now a days Nepal Art Shop Pvt. Ltd. has started it's online selling via so that you can have buy online too. Following are the major items and its short description.

Nepal Garments Silver Jewelry Felt Craft
Hemp Products Woolens Products Handmade Leather Bags
Cotton Bags Hosiyari bag Singing Bowls
Paper Products Nepal Statues Pashmina
Thangka Art Shisha Pipes Bone Jewelry Beads
Antiques Craft Nepali Carpets Tibetan Furniture
Budha Beads Beads Mala Walnut Furniture
Contemporary Arts Commercial Arts Incences
Prayer Wheels Tingsha Bells
Nepal Wood Carving    

Nepali Statues Crafts
In our store we have very old statues those are rich in art with culture symbolism. Stautes are all made in Nepal . We have two sort of statues one is commercial purpose for gift. These are of resenable price. While we have stock statues which are handmade , of long years, hard artistic job by artists and rich. Those statues which are not possible to develop again. Check out :
Glass Smoking (Pipes- Bubblers- Chambers- Hammer)
We are selling beautiful shisha crafts like bubblers and pipes on different size combined with blazing colors on it. These crafts are made out of glass bulb, oxygen and color. Glass crafts are of dazzling colors as well different shapes which makes you crazy to zoin. These are for smoking purpose only.
Leather Goods
All the leather products are of pure leather from Nepal mountain area. There are several leather goods though we have emphasize mostly on fashionable products just like leather camera bags, leather cd bag, leather shopping bag, leather purse, leather money bag, leather official bags, leather school bags for college students etc. These are not only fashionable but quality products.
Thanka Paintings
Thanka are the traditional Tibetan Painting of ceremonial and religious subjects such as wheel of life, known as Mandala. Traditional Thankas are framed in silk. Tankas are painted even in gold.
Felt Products
Felt is a non-woven cloth that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing wool. Some types of felt are very soft, but some are tough enough to form construction materials. Felt can be of any color, and made into any shape or size. Check out forvariety of goods;
Actually Carpets are made out of wool, silk and cotton. Carpet is basically used for ground furnishing. While modern mountain sketch carpets are even worthful for wall furnishing. The carpets which we have are made by hand from Nepalese experienced designers. On your wish we can develop any size, colour and design. Carpets are of Tibetian design, Kashmiri design, Persianian and of modern Nepali design. We have both modern and traditional designs. The carpets are of 60% with knot, 80% knot, 100% knot. With in fabric we used loom for cotton and weaving is of wool. From the initial stage of wool processing to the final finishing touches, including washing, we do it all ourselves.
From Nepal we deliver Pashmina products like, Pashmina knetting, Bids, Embroidered, Printed etc. We have all kind of Pashmina fashions for gents and ladies like Polover, Muffler, Hat, Gloves, Socks. We produce 100% Pashmina, 100% silk, 100% cotton, 100% acqurlic, 100% viscuse, 100% raw silk, 100% PSY (Polyster, Silk, Synthetic ), 70-30% Pashmina with silk, 50-50% Pashmina with silk. We have Pashmina of different kind like water pashmina printed, jacquct pashmina, knetting pashmina, hand print pashmina and scan print pashmina etc. The interesting thing is that we develop standard to reasonable quality products. Wish is upon you. We produce pashmina based on your requirement too. We have goods in stock too so you can direct contact to us, we mean to say visit our show rooms.
Furnitures / Wooden crafts
We have high quality furniture products both from Nepal and kashmir designed by well Nepali and Kashmiri artists. All furnitures are handemade and made by walnut /Nepalese saal tree wood. In your request on the different part of the items we can develop different arts too. Inside Furniture page there are some samples of arts too, those we can attach in different parts of item.
  Paper Products
Nepalese paper made products are popular in world. There are variety of Nepalese paper products just like lamp shade, note book, shopping bags, picture album, parcel bags etc.