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Is there anybody to travel in Nepal?

Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011

Nepal moves up six spots in tourism rankings

Good news for travel and tourism entrepreneurs. Nepal has moved up six places to the 112th spot in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report (TTCR) 2011.

The report prepared by the World Economic Forum (WEF)  has also pointed out the multiple constraints that the Nepal’s tourism industry is experiencing.

According to the report, Nepal and its people are friendlier toward foreign visitors compared to India and Sri Lanka. It has ranked Nepal at 44 in the population’s attitude toward foreign visitors while India and Sri Lanka has been ranked at 81 and 89 respectively. Nepal has been ranked tenth in visa requirements by the report. “We are comparatively liberal in visa issuance,” says Thapa. “We have been issuing visa on arrival to many nationalities at the Tribhuwan International Airport.”

Nepal also fares better than India and Sri Lanka in terms of airport density with a score of 64. In terms of the government’s priority to the travel and tourism industry, the report has ranked Nepal at 49th place. Likewise, Nepal has been ranked 72nd in terms of the number of operating airlines. Over the last three years, around a dozen of new airlines have entered the Nepal skies.

However, Nepal is way behind other major tourism destinations in the SAARC region in terms of marketing and branding to attract tourists. The report has ranked Nepal in the 76th position in the effectiveness of marketing and branding campaigns. Compared to Nepal, India and Sri Lanka are much better in marketing and branding. 

Tourism stakeholders accept Nepal’s weakness in international marketing and branding. “We have to accept that we are way behind others when it comes to marketing and branding of the country,” says Tourism Secretary Kishore Thapa.

Tourism entrepreneurs also admit that the country is lagging behind in terms of marketing and branding. “It is due to the limited budget for the purpose compared to that in other nations,” said Bhola Bikram Thapa, a tourism entrepreneur.

With the country celebrating 2011 as Nepal Tourism Year, government and non-government organisations associated with tourism have upped their marketing and branding exercises. The NTY implementation committee is about to launch a major marketing and promotion campaign in India from April. For a change, Nepal is adopting consumer marketing for NTY.

With Nepal relying on a single international airport, it has ranked Nepal at 116 in air transport infrastructure. Aviation entrepreneurs say Nepal needs at least one more international airport with more international airlines coming to Nepal. With the decade-long conflict hindering the infrastructure development, modernisation of airports is now taking pace. “Nepal has to work extensively on air infrastructure over the next four years,” says Thapa. “By fifth year, Nepal will enter into a new phase of air transport infrastructure.”

The government, over the last two-three years, has intensified the upgradation of airports across the country. Currently the government is upgrading four airports— Simikot, Rara, Suketar and Manang— to make them all-weather ones. “By the second week of April, ATR aircraft can land at Tumligtar Airport,” says Thapa. “We will also start night services in Dhangadi and Simara airports soon.”

Besides, the government is also gearing up to expand three airports—Bhairahawa, Pokhara and Janakpur—to regional international airports. Currently, the government is doing homework to build a second international airport at Nijgadh, Parsa. “Even if we utilise our only international airport properly, we can adjust many tourists,” said entrepreneur Thapa.

In terms of hotel rooms, Nepal scores an unenviable 126. According to the Economic Survey, Nepal has star and non-star 744 hotels with 28,493 beds. The NTY-2011 saw the opening of more hotels within Kathmandu and outside. However, tourism experts say Nepal has not been able to attract international hotel chains. “After the Hyatt Regency Hotel, we have not seen any international hotel chains coming to Nepal,” says Thapa.

Nepal also lags behind its neighbours in international air transport network. The TTCR has ranked Nepal at 123 in international air transport network. National flag carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation is still struggling to expand its fleet, while only one private sector airline has started international operations. With earlier efforts to bring in two aircraft from Airbus SAS running into controversy and subsequently cancelled, the tourism ministry says it will initiate a new process to purchase aircraft. “Lack of adequate national flag carrier aircraft is a big bottleneck for the promotion of Nepal’s tourism,” said Thapa. 

Indicators of health

Indicators    Rank

Government Prioritisation of  the Travel and Tourism Industry    49

Travel and Tourism Government Expenditure    36

Effectiveness in marketing and branding    76

Quality of air transport infrastructure    116

Available seat kilometres, domestic    61

Available seat kilometres, international    86

Airport density    64

Number of operating airlines    72

International air transport network    123

Hotel rooms    126

Presence of major car rental companies    125

ATMs accepting Visa cards    107

Ticket taxes and airport charges    35

Tourism Openness    47

Attitude of population towards foreign visitors    44


Activities in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is probably the best way to explore Nepal and the entire Himalayan region. A trekking course follows the paths from village to village; thus one comes in direct contact with the simple lifestyle of highlander people, their unique lifestyle, fabulous culture and getting touch with dramatically diversified landscape creating breathtaking sceneries – all of them are the thrills of trekking.
Nepal is the ultimate for the trekking enthusiast – offering a myriad of possibilities from the short and easy to the demanding challenges of the snowy peaks. Easy, moderate or rigorous – there is something for every palate. Nepal has aptly been called “A Trekker's Paradise” as her terrain – mountains, hills and the Tarai – offers some of the most spectacular trekking routes in the world.

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Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal is one of the most attraction and courageous parts rather than high adventure trekking. Peak climbing in Nepal Himalayas is a dream for many climbers. With world's most of high mountains and more than 1300 snow capped peaks.33 of Nepal’s peaks have been designated as ‘Trekking Peaks’
This beautiful Himalayan Country of Nepal is one of the paradises that have met anyone who wish to conquer high mountains by their own foot. This small kingdom is the land of world's top highest peaks including Mt. Everest is majestic crowned to the north.
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Flight to Nepal

Now that you’ve decided to make Nepal your next tourist destination, you may as well start looking around for discount flights to Nepal. There are a large number of airlines which operate flights to and from the country on a regular basis which will be able to assist you in finding a flight to Nepal. Often times it may work out cheaper to get a flight to one of the larger airports and to travel by road to your destination than to fly to one of the many smaller towns in an effort to shorten the length of your journey. Whatever option you choose, if you’re on a budget make sure that you look around before buying your tickets!

So get busy comparing the various prices for discount flights to Nepal now. You may well be surprised by what you find!

We can help you to provide and arrange all necessary domestic and international air tickets. Nepal Trekking Pass Pvt. Ltd. issues all the Domestic air tickets to the major cities in the Nepal and all the remote Trekking destination of Nepal ... We are the domestic air ticket sales agent of different domestic airlines including Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Gorkha Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Sita Air, Shangri-La Airlines, Skyline Airways, etc.
Expedition in Nepal

Nepal expeditions are the one of the challenging adventure trip in Nepal. Having 8 out of 14 the highest peaks in the world is renowned for mountaineering; the thousands of mountaineers come in to Nepal each year to fulfill their desire of standing on the summit of the Himalayas.
Mountaineering in Nepal is one of the most attraction and courageous parts rather than high adventure trekking. This beautiful tiny Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is one of the paradise that has meet anyone who wish to conquer high mountains by their own foot. This small kingdom is the land of world's top most highest peaks including Mt. Everest is majestic crowned to the north. Eight of the world's 14 peaks over 8000m including Mt. Everest (8850m), Kanchenjunga (8586m),Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8463m), Cho Oyu (8201m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Manaslu (8163m) Annapurna (8091m), are only located in Nepal. Mountaineering and trekking in Nepal has relied heavily on the progress and Inspiration developed by various expeditions to Everest. Most of the attraction of Nepal in the early days resulted from the discovery that the highest peak in the world lay within the forbidden and isolated kingdom.

Rafting in Nepal

For adventure seekers, it is easy to find the perfect river in Nepal. Rafting is the perfect way for an extended adventure on the river to get your adrenaline pumping to a new high.
There is an experience for everyone waiting in Nepal's famous white waters. Nepal's rivers change with the seasons. Each year, after the heavy monsoon rains the water to an exhilarating 10-day adventure through theirs swell, changing the run of the rivers and the nature of the rapids. New rapids are created; others become more difficult and some simply impossible to navigate. Rafters also have a choice ranging from two to three day trips to trips of two or three weeks. Paddling is a fun way to enjoy the trip as well as bonding with fellow rafters. 

A typical day in the river begins early morning when rafters arrive at the put-in point. The river guide begins with instructions on safety and emergencies before everyone is given life vests and helmets. This is a must for safety on the river at all times. Lunch on some white sandy beach around mid-day is fun. The best time for rafting is from October through mid-December and March to early May. In winter the water is cold and during the monsoons months from June through September, the white water sections are dangerous, but gentler stretches are easy to raft on.

Tour in Nepal
Nepal is one of the best countries for tour, with its long history, fascinating art and distinctive and varied architecture. The vast diversity of people, their culture, language and traditions will intrigue anyone. The two predominant religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, are ever present with the variety of gods and goddess, numerous temples, stupas and monasteries, and depict the deep faith of the people. The panoramic mountain scenery and a diversity of beautiful landscape will enchant you and make your visit one of the most romantic and memorable ones you have ever experienced..

Safari in Nepal

Wildlife and jungle safari are the prime tourism products in Nepal. For those who wish to explore wildlife, offers plenty of scope. The country’s jungles are home to some of the most unique and rare animals in the entire world. No trip to Nepal is complete without visiting one of the various wildlife sanctuaries. So Jungle Safari in Nepal is an exciting activity when you visit Nepal. During Jungle Safari in Nepal you can see Royal Bengal tigers, rhinos, leopard’s wild elephants, sloth bears, monkeys, crocodiles, and four kinds of dear and over 250 species of exotic birds as well as we can do Elephants Safari, Tharu ( Local People) Cultural show, River canno boating etc.


Travel House Nepal

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Teej : Festival of Nepal 2011

Festival Date : August : 31 : Badra 14 

Teej is the fasting festival of women in Nepal. According to Nepali Calendar Teej falls on 31 August, 2011(Badra 14) this year.
Hindu women all over Nepal fast and pray for the good health and long life of their husbands during the Teej. Unmarried girls also observe fast on this day for a good husband. Teej celebrations last for three pious days

Traditional dances and songs form an important feature of Teej celebrations. Red color is considered auspicious for women observing Teej fast and so most of them dress up in red or bridal clothes. Hindi Devotees dance and sing at Hindu Temple all over the Nepal.


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Mountain Flight in Nepal
Mountain Flight is a popular tourist attraction in Nepal which offers a panoramic view of the Himalaya in just one hour. As the aircraft lifts up and heads towards the east, passengers don't have to wait too long to find out what's in store for them.
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